February 21st, 2003


at slc

So, today I got up early and went to get Audrey's oil changed. Yay for clean oil. yes yes. is good. Had to go to Jiffy Lube to do it b/c my normal mechanic was booked until the afternoon.

I drove to NY (state), SLC specifically. I got really really lost when I came off of the 3rd highway and was supposed to take this parkway that I couldn't find so I drove too far east and had to get directions to come the other way. but it was really easy to find coming from the other direction. And then I made a wrong turn once I off of the parkway (right, athene, not left! sometimes having right/left lyadesia SUCKS) but I made a u-turn and got her just fine.

tonight Cimmy and I have plans to see Miss Julie and then go see a play (maybe Hairspray) on saturday.

well, off to spend time with my sister :) :) :) :)
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