March 10th, 2003

wear a mask, elhoffer

and now... weekend update

Thursday night (which counts for me as the weekend, since I work sun-thurs), Aerith and I watched The Crying Game. It was a really interesting movie. I think I might write a seperate (cut) post with my thoughts on it as not to spoil it for anyone.

Friday, I got up and read Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip. It was excelent. many thanks to Nayone for the recomending and the lending.

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Friday night Nayone and I went on a date :). We went out to dinner at a Mediterranian place, recomended by Kiten. It was really good. I got couscous chicken and there was like half a chicken and all these vegies. Then we went ice skating at UMass. :) I haven't been ice skating since I went with Pyro in England. I didn't fall, but I wasn't moving very well on the ice. Nayone hadn't been in ages either, but she was a lot better than me at it. The problem was that after a while the dry cold air of the rink started to get to my chest and my cough from the Martian Death Flu started to come back so I was do a skate a little, hit the wall and cough, skate a little more, hit the wall and cough. I ended up sitting down and just watching Nayone skate for a bit. Overall I really did have fun and would love to go again, maybe with a large group of people.

Saturday was the Neon Genius Evangelion Marathon. 3 dvds of Eva. I kept falling asleep, but I had seen all the eps that we watched before. I'd like to do it again to see more of Eva. Then the people at the apartment changed from Cave people to Wabres and Slinky and Saphire. we watched an episode of junkyard wars that Aerith and I had on tape. The teams had to build machines that would fling a car. :) it was cool. Then there was the party at the Cave. Since Kiten offered me a ride home, I got to drink. mmmm...white russians :). Gave Nayone her first Mudslide. She liked it. I had a feeling she would. I don't b/c I don't like Balies. Left the party w/Kiten around 12:30am so I could get some sleep before work.

Sunday: was a brat in the morning. I hate getting up for work when there are two sleeping bodies in the bed! And i think that getting my period has something to do with it too. work was quiet. I got to catch up on a whole bunch of comics that I hadn't read in ages since I don't get the paper. I really need to remember that they are online. After work Aerith and I went to the store. It's amazing how expensive things can get. Then I made dinner: pizza macarroni. Then it was time for Junkyard Mega Wars: Flight of the Century. 2 hours long as 3 teams (from the us, uk, and france) had 20 hours to build turn of the century airplanes to celebrate the 100th aniverary of the Wright Brothers. And they could only use authentic materials and tools (no power anything). It was sooooo cool! All the planes actually flew (eventually). It's going to be on again on wed. night. I think I might tape it. Got to talk to mommy about passover. I'm so excited that she's coming to visit!

Today is bleh. It's time for George's visit. I really hate George. ick.
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Yay for daylight. I got home today before it was even dark.'s interesting but I still think of my mother's house in New Orleans as "home". I was thinking about this at the Cave when I lay down alone on Munin's bed for a while and really looked at his room: the bed, the walls, the shelves. Then I started thinking about my home, my apartment and how sometimes it still doesn't feel like mine. This is not against Aerith in any sort of way, but sometimes I still feel that it is "his" place. I mean, i've had all my stuff here for over nine months and been on the lease for 6 months. I have my own dresser, alter, and night table in the bedroom. My own bookshelf and desk in the study. I bought the dishes and a lot of the pans. And yet somehow it's not MINE. It doesn't have my mark. Maybe because I still think of the bed as Aerith's. Maybe because the tv/vcr/stereo is his. Maybe because the apartment was his 2 years before it was mine. I want to put stuff on the walls. To claim the space as belonging to me. To feel fully moved in. But I don't yet. And the posters aren't going to go up until we paint the walls if we decide to stay here another year, or we'd just have to take them down if we decide to move. But still. I want a place that i feel is, i want a place that i feel is OURS together (all 3 of us). That we all share, that no one "visits", that has everyone's mark in it. A place that's a home
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