March 13th, 2003

BA just born with mommy

Influence of Smith

Ahhh...I've graduated from Smith:
I just had a cust call w/a very masculine sounding voice, but the acct said "Ms. customer's name". I left notes in the acct without using a pronoun, just because I wasn't 100% sure of which pronoun to use.
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greek and fries

a little while ago i was writing the greek alphabet on the white board just for fun and someone was like "oh, a sorority girl". I had to explain that no, I actually understand a little ancient greek. it's interesting that the first thought was "sorority", espcially since i was writing in LOWER case, and not scientist, mathamatician, or horrors of horrors, an acutally classisist.

So, i was thinking about this whole "freedom fries" issue and how if i was a writer, i'd write some sort of short story about a near future apcolyptic society where someone goes to a vender and orders "french fries" and how it's code for the underground resistance movement. I think i watch too much Sliders.

and did i mention how it's snowing again!!!
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