March 16th, 2003


Classical Dorkness

I just found out the coolest thing from the translation of The Odyssey that I'm reading.

In Book 9 when Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his name is "Nobody" he uses the words ou tis (outis). Then after Odysseus blinds the cyclops, he cries out that "Nobody" (outis) is hurting him. But, when the other Cyclopses say "If nobody is hurting you, why are you complaning?" they have to use me because it's a conditional. Therefore they are saying me tis but it sounds just like metis which is the Greek word for cunning and craftiness and often associated with Odysseus. So it really is metis that has gotten Polyphemus in the end.

*G* It's just too cool!!

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productive weekend

I've had a very productive weekend.


Dropped Audrey off at the nice mechanic place to have her looked at. Walked into town and did the following things:

  • went by Silverscapes to have the necklace that broke fixed. They're so behind that it's going to take 3 weeks. blech.
  • went to the bagle place and got a bagle. talked w/the guy behind the counter about car problems.
  • Went to City Hall to pay the exise tax on Aerith's and my cars.
  • Stopped in the Goddess store. Had lots of restraint. Didn't buy anything.
  • Went to Fleet. Talked to nice Customer Service Man who gave me free checking for a year and a free savings acct. Before the year is up I will be done with Fleet. Any recomindations on good banks?
  • Went to Roz's place and got a new nose ring. This one's dark green/blue.
  • Stopped by Lucky's, but they didn't have purple laces for my docs.
  • Stopped by A2Z. They have Apples to Apples and Quarto and travel Quarto and maganet tessilations. Didn't buy anything.

So, the nice mechanic man told me that only one strut on Audrey is leaking fluid, so it's not a big deal. Also there is a wheel bearing problem, but it's not TOO bad (just starting to go)'s ok to drive on for a little while. BUT the MAIN problem for SAFTY is that the rear breaks are almost gone. I knew they were bad, i wasn't sure how bad. So I set up an apptment for the breaks. Goodbye commission check.

Then I went home and did a quick dark wash. Aerith came home early from work and we drove to Eastern MA to visit his family. We went to the mall and I got some of my Body Shop hair stuff. :) I'm happy. We also picked up Tetris Worlds for the PS2 (up to 4 players :) ) and a 5.1 dolby digital surround system. :):):)

On saturday we went out to breakfast w/Aerith's mother and then we went to his other sister's house to try to fix her comp. It still was having problems when we left, but I got my federal taxes done (my father thinks I'm least according to my tax forms that he sent me he does) and I have all the info for state. yay!

Last night I hung out with Munin. We got wings and watched Bringing Up Baby. Yay for old movies. When I got home, Aerith was watching The Matrix on the new sound system with Wabres, Slinky, and Wabres's brother. sounded really pretty :).

Today at work has been pretty quiet. Had one guy call up cursing at me. Oh well. He doesn't get a credit. It's amazing how much further I'll go for you if you are nice to me.
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