April 27th, 2003


my days off

thursday night...mmm...*winks at Aerith*

friday: brought the car in to get the wheel bearing fixed and an oil change. Went into town and finished the fourth book of the Belgariad. Met up with Mortis *G* and we hung out while they finished my car. Then we went back to my apartment and dyed my hair. It took pretty well...it is now brown with red/purple highlights. I think I want to buy another box of it and do it again next week just to make it stronger.
Kiten came and picked up the Frenchman and me. We went into town where I got the bottom half of this *G* (p.s. need this.) Then we went to see Bulletproof Munk. It was one of those really bad/funny kung foo movies where half the time we were laughing with it and half the time we were laughing AT it. The chick was really hot. Then we went to a party. Was good; flirted with the Frenchman a bit *G*. Kiten and I left early and I got to crash at her place.

Saturday: Kiten made waffles for Aerith and I and there was Bosyenberry serup. mmm.... Then Aerith and I ran some errand, including buying a coffee maker :) now we can half all the PJs coffee that Mommy brought us. yay! After that we chilled at home and did some laundrey and played some Baulders Gate. The rest of the night is censored :).

Today is work and then shopping for food for the week. Tomorrow is work and then rejoining my old AD&D game. wow, i'm going to have to rememeber 2nd Ed rules. Tuseday is Buffy, Wed is free, Thursday is BELTATE, Friday is X2, and Saturday is the party at the Cave. wow, it's going to be a busy week :)
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