May 1st, 2003

wear a mask, elhoffer

once again, bored

bored again. read "The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)" again. I love that play. I was laughing too loudly. Also wrote most of ritual for tonight (final details to be pinned down w/Aerith when I get home). I'm a little worried as my period is due on monday and it's a new moon. But I've just taken my last birthcontrol pill with any stuff in it (not the sugar ones) so hopefully modern science will prevale this time over Beltane. Shit, forgot to take chicken out of freezer. Oh well...yay for microwaves and e-mail.

Playing with this. Check out my thief I made by entering this code: Collapse ) Isn't she cool looking? I love this site. it's soo much fun.

well...9 more minutes. Might as well read more "It's Walky"
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