May 18th, 2003


finally, it works

The DNS server was going wonky at work earlier today (couldn't even get to the company website). But it looks like it's working again!!! At least I was able to send e-mails before. Finally e-mailed the Mad Russian back. :) And had e-mail conversations with both Aerith and Safire. yay for e-mail.

Although it's going away now I've had this feeling of dread all morning. Usually being in Aerith's arms is the safest place in the world for me, where I feel that nothing can hurt me. However, this morning I couldn't shake the feeling of impending doom. Not really sure why. Got to work just fine. Work has been good (with the exception of not being able to view a lot of websites); got my first quarter bonus check. Still, all morning it felt like something was off. I'm not really felling it anymore. I am feeling a little out of things, but that could just be because I need food...10 mintues until lunch time. It's just bothering me. bleck!

Had a good weekend. Hung out with Kiten (who, no matter what she claims, was not being a bitch) on friday. Had an adventure with her. Then went out to dinner with Aerith and then to the catlings gathering. Forgot her sweater. Was a good gathering. Yesterday Aerith and I looked at 3 places. 2 were ok. The 3rd was just amazing. really really want it. now must get finances and mortage together. I really hope we can pull this off!
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