May 22nd, 2003


the good and the suck

the good:
well...Aerith and I settled on a price today with the person who owns the really nice condo that we looked at. Now we need to get all the financing and stuff. I really hope we can pull this off. I haven't been able to get in touch with my father. But...if everything goes well, WE HAVE A PLACE AND IT'S REALLY NICE!

the suck:
my car has been extra loud, but I was just going to pick up some exhaust tape and wait until my next commission check came in. However, as Aerith and I were driving back home today, Audrey stalled out and then stopped compleately (luckly there was a place to pull over) and wouldn't start again. So we walked home (5 minutes), ate food, went back, tried again and then called Triple A. Yay for Triple A and the really cool tow-truck man. So the mechanic has a call on his machine and my car in his lot. No party at Pulse's for me *pout*. Good thing tomorrow is pay-day.
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