May 25th, 2003


Gandalf at the Shire

so, Aerith's and my counter-counter-offer for the place got accepted :) Now we are waiting for pre-approvals/qualifications from 3 different banks. We have an appointment on friday afternoon to go over the place with an inspector. There is money from parents either in the account or en-route. We still need to find a laywer (any recomindations?). But...I think we can do this. eep!

had a good weekend. Hung out with Munin on friday. Totally crashed in the middle of watching "The Two Towers" in English with subtitles that were translated(?) from chinese.

yesterday Mortis and Wolf came over and we had meatloaf and we watched the Darmok episode of Star Trek:TNG. OMG! So good! I really loved the way the culture worked and the proccess Picard went through in figuring out how to communicate with them. It made me want to start trying to talk like that :)

I woke up this morning not feeling too well, but I am feeling better now. It's really cold in here today. BRRRRR. I want summer and warm weather, damn it! I want it now!!!!
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