June 4th, 2003


I fought the law and I won!

Today I went to court to fight my moving violation. I was really nervous, but Aerith came with me, which really helped. We got to the court house pretty easily (only one wrong turn). I went in and the officer that pulled me over wasn't there, but there was a female officer representing him (somehow this also helped me be less nervous). The officer went over what the ticket said, I explained my side and the magistrate decided that I was right and threw out the ticket! YAY! Much less stress and an extra $100 to go toward buying the house. :)

Got to have lunch with Aerith afterwards, which was nice. Except for when he had his fingers crossed when he said he wasn't going to tickle me. evil evil man! ;)

Now I'm at work and it's quiet which is good b/c the system that holds all the accounts crashed about 20 minutes ago so we can't do much.