June 5th, 2003


go me!

More good news:
1. The bank that Aerith and I really want to get a mortage from sent us a letter saying they need a little more paperwork (which we gave them) and then they sent an inspector to the place. :)
2. The company I worked for made a mistake in calculating amount of sales for commission checks. I sold 21 more units than they said I did for April. Therefore I get another commission check this Friday. More money for the house. :)
3. B/c I'm a corporate whore and sold a lot of Showtime, I got a $20 gift certificate to the big mall. Too bad I had to go the other week and spend money at Bath and Body Works. Oh well...now to decide if I spend it on something fun or on something for the house. Probably on something fun :)
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go me! (part 2)

4. For being more of a corporate whore and turning in lots of sheets of paper for our silly superheros game, I won a WWE jean jacket. Of course it's an XL and I'm a tiny person, so I'm swimming in it, but it's cool. I guess I'll have to wear it with my Smashing Pumkins dress (i mean tee-shirt).
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