June 29th, 2003

BA just born with mommy

swiming, heros, and talks

I finally got to go swimming!!!!! After doing the ten million things for house buying that I had to do on friday, I went over to Safire's place and we went swimming and lay out in the sun and i got just a little sun tan. finally. :) but next time we are swimming at my place b/c her pool was really tiny and had all sorts of "stuff" floating in it.

Yesterday was game. We saved the world. We got fired by the U.N., but we saved the world. I died for a moment, but then I got healed, which was good :)

Over the past 2 nights Aerith and I have been having long talks about some really important things. I'm glad that we are having them b/c I think that it's helping us work through all of the stuff that we are going through right now.

I'm starting to dread the time that I am about to get my period each month b/c it's always when bad stuff happens or when I am more affected by things and end up being an emotional wreck. Evil evil hormones!!!!!
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BA just born with mommy


I had a really icky dream last night. I dreams that I was taking a shower and there were these dead tiny roaches that kept being on the floor of the shower stall. I couldn't figure out were they were coming from. At first I just washed them down the drain, but more and more of them kept piling up. I tried to go into another shower, but the house I was in was being remodeled and so the other bathroom wasn't working (this house looked like no house I have ever lived in). So then I got the brilliant idea to have my sister pour water over my head at a sink. However, there was only one sink in the kitchen and when we turned on the water it was all milky (due to the work being done on the house). So I had to go back and try to shower with all the dead roaches but I really didn't want to. I don't know if I finished my shower b/c that's all I remember. I woke up really creaped out and Aerith had to hold me for a bit before I calmed down.

Now I'm at work and i'm really out of it. weeeeeeee.
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