June 30th, 2003


barefoot and in pain

i forgot to mention that I got Audrey's oil changed this weekend. I got it done at Jiffylube, which is only ok for oil, but they vacuum the car. So now that all the nasty snow-dirt pieces are gone, I can drive barefoot again :):):). I love the feeling of my foot on the petal; the control that I have; the way I can feel the gas engage when I have on cruise control. I know it's technically illegal, but it's not like they can catch me.

the only downside to today's drive was the fact that i started cramping RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAY HOME. I HATE GEORGE!. this is what the conversation in my body is like right now:
me: Hello Pain.
Pain: Hello Athene, how are you?
me: I hurt, how are you?
Pain: Oh, i'm doing well. I think i'll make you curl up in a ball now.
me: Oh that's nice Pain. I think that i'll take some advil and then curl up in a ball until you go away.
Pain: ok Athene, you may have won this round (or will win in a bit), but just remember, I'll be back soon.
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