July 16th, 2003

BA just born with mommy


god, i'm in suck a bitchy mood today. That kind of mean, evil bitchy mood. Not a clue why. Thank goddess for the mute button on the phone!

In other news, called the phone people to get the phone transfered to the new place for when we move. Have to call the cable people tonight. At least I know what I'm talking about when I call them.
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lilo and scrump

wet 'Thene

wheeeee!!! It just started POURING out. I ran outside and played and then came back in and Aerith asked me if I had put my car window up. I couldn't remember. So out I went again into an even heavier downpour, walking slowly w/no shoes across the grass, and found out that the passanger's side window was half open. oops. good thing Aerith said something. By the time i came back in my white shirt was totally see-through (black bra *G*) and my jeans were so wet I litterally had to peel them off me. Now in pajamas with rain soaked hair waiting for the chinese/sushi delivery. *content sigh*
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    Alanis Morristte - Forgive Me Love