July 29th, 2003

BA just born with mommy

Ah the crazyness

We close tomorrow, move on thursday. why can't the house pack itself up????

To do today:

  • Wash last load of laundrey
  • Call electricians to see about putting a cable jack upstairs - one called back. can do it on thursday. yay!
  • Fold clothes
  • Meet Aerith for lunch
  • Pack all clothes that won't be worn in the next 3 days - everything is packed except for some bags ontop of Aerith's closet.
  • Pack all bedding that is not currently in use
  • Pack everything in bathrooms that is not currently in use
  • Pack everything in hall closet that is not currently in use
  • Try not to panic
  • Pack everything in kitchen that won't be needed in the next few days - got some done. That which isn't is either on the floor waiting to be packed or in the drying rack.

right...well, time to get cracking.
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BA just born with mommy

mostly there

Well, the study is pretty much empty. Most of the clothing is packed up. Most of the kitchen cabinates are empty (although some of their contents are on the living room floor or drying next to the sink). A big thanks to wabres, godspiel, safirerings, and threegee for helping with the packing and stuff.

I never realize just how much "stuff" I/we have until it's time to pack it all up to move it. Sometimes I think that I'm going to end up going with the "throw everything in plastic bags" theory afterall. There are so many little things left. Well, i'll do what i can tomorrow morning. Tomorrow at 2pm we close. Then more packing and maybe some moving and celebrating. Thursday is moving and moving and moving and then some unpacking. Friday is unpacking and setting up and the cable person coming. Saturday is more unpacking. Sunday is work again. Some vacation I'm getting.

Time to go fall into bed. (second to last night here!)