August 13th, 2003


a long overdue update

Thursday the cable box crapped out. It was a crappy cable box to begin with, one of the buttons was broken off and the installer wouldn't give us a different one. Good thing I work for a cable company and I knew how to trouble shoot it. Called the cable company and got an appointment for the next day. Good thing it was my day off. We watched some Python that night instead. "Of course it's got a hole in it, it's a bloody 'oop!"

Friday the cable guy came nice and early. Yay. Started reading Sanctuary, a collection of the first 3 Theives' World books b/c I can't find the book that I'm currently reading. I'm sure it's packed away somewhere. As Aerith said, we are currently "undoing the packing" (although we haven't done a lot of it lately).

Friday night we went to the taste of Northampton and then to see Proof at NCT. OMG! So good. Not as "earth-shatterling deep" as Copenhagan, but very good. I really want to play the character of Catherine.

Saturday went to the bank to change our address. Picked up form to work at Barnes and Noble. Then went to the taste of NoHo (again). Actually tried some Indian food from two different places. One I really liked. The other one was ok, but had WAY too much curry. Also found out that Ben and Bills has better chocolate covered strawberries than Sweeties did.

Saturday night Aerith and I watched Secretary. It was good, but not quite what I expected. I think I'll write more about this somewhere else.

Sunday I went to work but then left half way though the day b/c Aerith's sisters and their children were coming to visit. We went to the taste (yes, again) with them. Had some ziti and meatballs and some Thai Chicken and more chocolate strawberries. The little girl managed to get chocolate icecream all over her, but i guess that 1.75 year olds will do that. She's not talking, but she's a big walker and makes a lot of noises. Aerith's nephew really liked the Thai Chicken and kept going back for more. In the middle of all of it it started POURING out we all got totally soaked. But by the time we got home it was sunny again so Aerith and his eldest sister and nephew and neice (in this really cute bathing suit that had floating devices IN it) and I all went swimming. Yay for swimming.

Monday we caught Rat Race on Showtime. Showtime for 3 months :)

Tuesday the "no-longer-buffy-now-star-trek" crew came over and we watched 2 eps of Trek:TNG. Wabres, Safire, Aerith, and I ordered chinese food from a place that we tried at the Taste. The food at the Taste was better than the stuff we got delivered. Oh well. Aerith and I were going to go to Haven, but we ended up staying in.

Today I was going to be all productive and stuff, but I wasn't. Oh well.

There. welcome to a week in my life.
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