August 14th, 2003


swiming and dreams

Just waiting for the pizza to get here now that I've taken a shower after getting home from work and heading right into the swimming pool. I just love being in the water so much. It's so relaxing. Ended up having a sitting-on-noodles-in-the-deep-end conversation with this guy named "Hawk" who's a caterer for UMass and was complaining about having to feed football players all weekend and the 40 jars of pesto sauce in his fridge. We talked about owning Camrys and the planes flying overhead and stuff. Don't worry, Aerith, I dropped the "my boyfriend ..." a few times. Near the end this really cute black cat came over to the pool and sat on the edge with his paws over the ledge of the pool looking very majestic. After the pool closed, I played with him for a little while. He ran his head right into my knee once :) Then he tried to drink the pool water, so I had to take him out of the pool water. I don't think chlorine is good for kitties.

I've been having some scary lack of money dreams lately. Probably brought on by the fact that I'm being laid off on Sept 5 and just bought a house and the lawyer mentioned things like "late fees" and "foreclosure" a bunch at closing. I don't remember most of them, but one of them was about Aerith and I at an auto store and we bought a battery that we didn't realize was $306 until after it was rung in and the manager of the store wouldn't let us return it even though if we paid for it we wouldn't have any money left. I was crying. It was bad. *sigh* I need to find something soon. Going to head over to Amherst College tomorrow to apply there.
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