September 23rd, 2003


To do today

I think I'm going to start posting "to do" lists b/c I make my own, but I seem to stick to them better if I think that others can see my progress. I'm just strange like that, or I want acknowledgement for my deeds or something. Anyway, today's list:

  • Fix up translation of Catullus 11 - any input is welcome.
  • Translate Catullus 14
  • Take everything that's in a box in the study out of the box and organize it into piles - everything out of boxes. lots of piles w/a few more piles to be made
  • Make sure to eat lunch
  • Go to post-office to mail letter to England
  • Go to One-Stop Career place in NoHo to check it out/look for a job
  • Make list of stuff to get at CostCo
  • Fold the laundry (that was done yesterday)
  • Figure out something for dinner - just called for sushi
  • Pick up Aerith from work and go to CostCo (if you want to come, let me know) - Spent way too much money, but got good food stuffs and Paper Moon on DVD.
  • Make the weekly call to DET - nevermind. Did it online :)

Happy Mabon!
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ugh. So lethargic today. Don't want to do anything. Just want to play Puzzle Pirates. But that's not very good for the finding a job/cleaning the house. It's a good thing that i turned off the only comp in the house that can run the game. *sigh* The rain isn't helping (but it does sound nice on the roof).

bleh. Am going to try to get something done now.
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