October 6th, 2003


NY weekend

Went to NY over the weekend with Aerith. We left with good time on Friday, but then when we were ALMOST to NY State border there was SOOO MUCH TRAFFIC. I'm really glad that Aerith was driving at that point (we had switched off not 10 min earlier) b/c all the stop and go made me really naucious and then I ran low on blood sugar, but i wasn't feeling well enough to eat anything. So we got to SLC (finally) and they were closing off the only parking lots I knew of. Ugh! So I ran to Cim's room and got her and she lead us to better parking. Then we hung out in her suit with her and Pirate Wench and their friends (all of whom liked the cookies Catling and I made that day) until way too late for us.

Saturday morning we got up early and went into the city for our cousin's bat mitzvah. It was nice. She did really well, even if the cerimony was a bit borning. Then we went over to the hotel room that her mother (our mother's first cousin) got for us for the day so we could crash and change for the party that night. Cimmy was extra tired so she went to sleep. Aerith and I went to Stage Deli. We got nice big open smamaches! yummy yummy. Then we walked up to the park and cut through the Plaza to get to FAO. Yay for FAO. We were just like kids in a toy store...oh, wait. They have the most BEAUTIFUL barbie dolls! I just drool! Then we walked down Fifth for a while. Stopped into the Godiva store. Evil evil place of chocolate. Back in the room we rested and go dressed.

OMG, oppulent isn't a rich enough word to discribe the party! It was this place that caters to events. So amazing. For the first hour all the grown-ups were downstairs with an open bar (mmm...) and some crackers and cheese and fruit and there were waiters walking around with apitizers. All the 13 year olds were upstairs in their own area. There was mingling and booze and stoli vodka and...yeah. Then after that hour they let us into the big room where there were at least 6 projectors making images of purple balloons on the walls and way too loud music. Aerith, Cimmy and I were at a table with our cousin's aunt, uncle, cousin and her partner (from the other side of her family). The cousin and her partner seemed to be the only other people there who were our age. There was dancing and a candle lighting ceremony were our cuz celebrated people in her life. Cim and I were called up to light a candle. They played "we are family" for us. I HATE THAT SONG! Oh well...*sigh* Then there was a salad. After that there was more dancing. I think that Cim had every guy at that place stairing at her ass! Then dinner was either stake and mashed potatos or salmon on cous-cous. I had the stake. It was excelent. And the wine...oh my god. Such good wine (both the red and the white). After dinner was more dancing (to really bad teeny-bopper songs) and then there was a buffet for dessert. Yum. Ice cream and cake and toppings and...this was one stuffed 'Thene. Then Aerith, Cimmy and I said our good-byes and grabbed a train back to SLC.

Sunday we woke up extra late, went to bruch and then Aerith and I headed home.

Now it is time for lunch.
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BA just born with mommy

Ants in my pants

well, they're not in my pants. They're in my kitchen. They are ALL over my kitchen. I'm not really sure why. Before we left for the weekend I made sure to take out the trash, run the dish washer and do all the dishes. I think they're coming in the front door to get away from the cold. But where are they getting food???? And why MY house. We have ant traps out (we put them out when we moved in), but maybe they got old or ran out or something. argh! I want the ants to go away!

To Do

  • Warm wash - include all towels and Aerith's pillow case
  • Clean kitchen

    • Take out all trash
    • Take out recycling
    • Put away dishes
    • Clean all counter-tops, including stove and microwave
    • Clean the floor (get ants)

  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • vacuum by the door and edge of kitchen (get ants)
  • Make eye appointment for Aerith - next wed, 4:45pm
  • Call about health benifit stuff
  • Call Acme to give Audrey an oil change - next tues, 8am
  • Call temp agency/agencies.
  • Pay Comcast and Verizon bills
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Why: My birthday (Sept 28th), Aerith's birthday (Oct 16), we bought a house, and we got engaged.

When: Saturday, October 11th, 7:30pm-till

Where: Our house. If you don't know where that is, e-mail me (e-mail is on my profile page).

If you are reading this then you're probably invited (if you're not sure, ask). If you think there is someone who should know about the party but won't see this, please tell them. If you want to bring someone, please check with us first. No drama please.

We will be providing cake, as well as some snacks and drinks and stuff. But as we are poor college-grads, please feel free to bring more snacks and drinks and stuff. And beer... mmm... beer... (Aerith wrote that last sentence. I don't like beer, mostly)
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