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Athene Numphe
23 October 2003 @ 01:31 pm
Just got Puzzle Pirate accounts for Aerith and myself. I was messing around with the site and I found the account ordering before they had announced it was up (and slightly more than 20 min before they said it would be up), but I put my info in and it took it. I posted to the forums that I got my account and then Cleaver (the main designer guy, who's really nice and we just had a conversation about the "boing" sound when you compleate a target in the sailing game) posted that the billing was up one minute later. I think I may have been one of the first people to order the special jewel-encrusted beta kit! Then I went to switch XP profiles to Aerith's b/c I couldn't remember his log in name, but his comp froze mid-switch and I had to restart it. Good thing I remembered his log in and was able to sign him up from my comp while his was restarting.

To Do (in this order):

  • Eat lunch - mmm...roast beaf w/boursion on bagel!
  • Call about cost of keeping dental benifits only
  • Call Johnson and Hill for work - good thing too. last time i sent them my resume, they never got it.
  • Call UMass for work
  • Catullus
  • Take a GRE practice test
  • Clean bedroom
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Athene Numphe
23 October 2003 @ 01:58 pm
TMI of the monthly female typeCollapse )
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