November 5th, 2003


halloween and indiana

Thursday wabres and godspiel went with me to CostCo to get a pair of reading/computer glasses. I picked out purple frames. I like them. I'm wearing them now. It's strange, they make the screen sloap upwards in a slight v. I haven't tried them while reading yet. But I don't really need them. Just when my eyes get tired. But it's cool. They're kind of fun, but it's strange to get used to them.

After CostCo we picked up lordaerith and went out to pick up pumkins. While there we ran into purplegryphonwhich was cool b/c I hadn't seen her in ages :).

Then we came home and eventually safirerings, threegee, reverendtom, and verbena76 all showed up. We carved pumkins (mine was an elf) and watched the origional Itallian Job. OMG, not a good movie at all! We couldn't believe how bad and silly it was. But it did have a decent chase scene (even if the cops always seemed to randomly show up). Did I mention there were songs? yeah, so it sucked so much that we had to put in the remake and watch it so we wouldn't forget what a good movie it was.

Friday was Halloween :). I dressed up like an Amy Brown inspired tree-elf. I had 3 skirts and a red sweater half-top. I put on my elf ears and used leaf color bands in the braids I put in my hair. Then I drew a little cresent moon on my forhead and put on really dark lipstick and mascara. I looked really cool, slightly ferral. unfortunatly there are no pictures. I went to class like this, walked around the mall like this (i wanted to see if i could find wings, but there were none) and got into a converstation with some guy at E.B. about how I was a non-Tolkien/D&D elf, but a tree-elf/faire.

We actually had kids come trick-or-treating at the door. I would say about 30, including two big kids ;). After hanging out with the tree and the pervy hobbit (who was getting over her addiction to Ent water), Aerith (dressed like the "Dread Pirate Aerith..i mean Roberts") and I went to the Pirate Party at kjpepper's. It seems like we missed some of the people, but I had fun seeing the place, meeting the cats, and hanging out with people I hadn't seen in a while. :)

Saturday Aerith and I got up late and hung around. That night deravyn and his ~l came over and we watched The Addams Family. There was a marrathon of the old tv show on the day before and so Aerith and I got a craving for the movie. Hehe. good movie. I forgot some of the things that were in it.

On Sunday, Wabres, Godspiel, Safire, Aerith, and I went out to bellebet and rogueactor's place for an Indiana Jones butt-numb-athon. Was good to see them and all three movies (I'd never seen the second's not so bad, except for the chick...why didn't he just shoot her???). Also got "Weddings for Dummys" from Bellebet :) I need to start reading that.

Monday and Tuesday Aerith was ... sick and had to stay home from work *G*. It was good. we hung out, got some laundrey done, and he played lots of video games, which I think he needed. He's been at this job for over a year and hasn't had a vacation.

Today I was productive, I did more l and e-mailed out my resume. One of the places was a temp agency. I have an interview type thing with them on Friday. Yay!
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caught all but the first half-hour of 8 Mile on Starz today. It's so weird to see a kid I went to High School with in a movie with such big stars. Yup, I went to Acting School with "Papa Doc."
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