December 9th, 2003

wear a mask, elhoffer

To do

Watched Apocalypse Now with Aerith yesterday. Such a good movie. I think that every time I see it i understand it more.

To do (b/c if i write my list anywhere else, it doesn't get done):

  • Call unemployment people to find out how to handle working 36 hours last week - called, but there is a 15 min wait. will try back later/tomorrow
  • Call RCN benifits people to sort out dental stuff
  • Call dentist's office re:the same
  • Call all temp agencies to tell them need work
  • eat lunch
  • do laundry: cold wash, warm wash, wash sheets
  • do some house cleaning: kitchen - wash dishes, bathrooms
  • at least 30 min of job searching
  • do some GRE studying
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    Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right
wear a mask, elhoffer

Pirate Party Update

This is just to remind everyone about the PIRATE PARTY this friday at Aerith's and my place. Oh, and there is to be a time change: please feel free to arrive at any time after 5PM. And remember, dress as a pirate, but only the cap'n gets to wear the eyepatch.
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