December 11th, 2003

lilo and scrump

Plan of Attack

below is my plan of attack to get ready for the pirate party. This is completely subject to change if the nice temp people give me a job for today.


  • 8:30am, call unemployment people about working last week
  • Update list that keeps track of unemployment stuff
  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • Clean upstairs bathroom (except shower, that's Aerith's job)
  • eat lunch
  • Neaten up study
  • Fold laundry and clean up bedroom
  • At least 30 min of job searching
  • bring out non-returnable recycling
  • Do some GRE studying
  • TREK


  • Clean up kitchen
  • Clean up living room area
  • Interview at 11:30am
  • get stuff for party
  • eat lunch
  • vacuum downstairs
  • Current Music
    Barenaked Ladies - Unfinished