December 15th, 2003


Party, Party

Friday night was the Pirate Party. Yarr!!! There was lots and lots of rum. And really good people. Had a great time cuddling with people all night. ;) At first we had movies on in the background, but around 10pm, after a lot of people were there, we put on PotC. Quite a few hadn't seen it yet. I think that everyone really liked it, which was good. Most went home after that, but some stayed and we talked. At about 3am I realized that I could talk with these people until the sun came up, so I kicked them all out, except for KotC (yay, i finally came up with a nickname for Aerith's friend *G*) who was spending the night.

The next day Aerith and I changd the battery in his car b/c it was dead. Then we did massive shopping trip for the week and he got his ass kicked in FFX *coughtold-you-she-would-have-a-third-formcough*.

Then we went to AK's party. It was really nice. A different circle of friends from friday night, which was good. i finally got to meet Ms. Butter Pecan :). There was a gift exchange thingy. We ended up with a little make a bunny play-doh kit. it makes a perfect ChooChooBear :)

Yesterday we did more party clean up (damn you catling42 and your tinsle!!!) and Aerith beat that boss, finally, while we watch the snow fall and fall and fall. And I made pork chops by sauteeing them. it only takes 10 min that way and they come out really well.

Ahhh... they're to go move my car.
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p.s. ouch

shit shit shit and more shit. Right after posting the last entry, i turned from my computer to go downstairs to clean off my car and banged it really hard on the table in the study. it's been hurting ever since. i taped it to the middle toe...i'm going to go make some soup and then put it up and ice it.

also...found after party: 1) small gold cross post earing, 2) one olympus camera, very nice looking, 3) tinsel, lots of tinsel. if you belong to any of these items, please let me know.
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