January 2nd, 2004


Good day

Had a good day.

Very productive morning, including doing the dishes, applying for a job, looking up wedding reception sites, and even dying my hair.

Then in the afternoon the Frenchman and I went out on a date. We went to Osaka for lunch and then to the Smith Museum for this really cool surreal indoor exibit. It was amazing. And there was this kitchen room that was made out of shiny beads. The whole thing from the walls and tiles to the apple pie in the oven and the frosted flakes on the table. The picture here doesn't nearly do it justice. It's soooo shiney!!! Then we went and looked at the Greek Art. I got to geek out about the difference in red vs black figure and all kinds of greek stuff.

After that my toe was hurting so we left and he dropped me off.

Right now I'm role-playing Hekuba for song_of_troy. It's so much fun!

Tomorow is Aberrant at my house. *Bounce*
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