January 22nd, 2004

dark lili

Geeky dream

So, even in my dreams I am a gamer geek.

I had this dream last night where I was at a con (I think it was VeriCon) and they were going to be running a Werewolf LARP (now, i've only played Werewolf a handfull of times and I'm still really fuzzy on most of the details). I decided last minute that I wanted to play. There was this really long line of people waiting to go into the main room to do character creation. As I was walking down the line to the end, this girl stepped out of the line and confronted me. She said, "Are you going to play?" and I responded, "Yes I am." And then she got all in my face and said, "Are you sure????" and I said, "Yeah I'm sure, what's it to you?" (or something), turned around and kept walking.

But then I was in a special room and daobear was helping me create my character (I think I got special privilage b/c I knew him). I was going through the Werewolf book and I couldn't find the tribe that I wanted. I knew I didn't want to be a Black Fury. I was looking into a Native American tribe, Collapse ) So I decided that I didn't want to be in that tribe but I still wanted to be connected w/Native Americans. I was having a lot of trouble finding the information on the different tribes b/c the book wasn't arranged in any sort of logical order. I finally decided that I wanted to be a Silver *something* (I couldn't remember the second half...this morning, Aerith told me it was Fang) b/c I wanted to be a leader.

Then I came up with this whole backstory about how my parents left me to be raised with the Native American tribe, but I was this white girl. There was something about aligators also. I don't really remember what, but it involved wading into the aligator area and some sort of test of will and strenght to not get bitten. Then it went into me being returned to my parents and I had this tattoo of a cross on the top of my left hand between the thumb and index finger that they had put there, but there was another tattoo from my Native American tribe around it and it really upset my parents.

Then I was in the game and I was the leader of my assigned group. We were all hoping into a car (convertable, maybe silver - Legue of Extraordinary Gentlemen showing up here???) and the girl from before was driving. I said to her, "Get going, bitch." b/c we needed to get moving. I was happy that I could say that to her and since she was a werewolf and b/c I was her leader she couldn't give me any lip back.

That's all I remember about it. But all of a sudden I want to play werewolf so I can try out my character.
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