January 27th, 2004


Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

And miss it each night and day?

*sigh* I'm totally missing home lately. With the two-stepping last night and listening to Mr Po Boy New Orleans radio via Live365 today. I even did a search for King Cakes and found out that Gambino's ships them. Now I'm totally craving one of their cupcakes, with the heaped on frosting and the sprinkles. *sigh*

Well, just got the mail in, so time to actually do some work.
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    Sidney Bechet - Basin Street Blues (via Live365)

No Trek

ANNOUNCEMENT: There is to be NO TREK this Thursday as I need to spend the night studying for the GREs (which I'm taking on Saturday...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh *not freaking out!*).

and, in non-GRE/gradschool related news, Aerith and I have won a 3day/2night trip, details, for which we have to go to this presentation thing on Friday night, but there will be food there :). I'm excited. And as far as I can tell, it's legit.
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    RHPS - Science Fiction/Double Feature (reprise)

another test

Took another Princeton Review test online. Got a 440 Verbal and 650 Math. Am much pleased with the math. The verbal was bitch-tough and had some crazy uses for words, like career can mean to run very quickly. I've so never heard that one before... well, I'll just study my vocab and hope that I get easy vocab words on the test. at least i've been getting better at the reading comp parts and i've definatly improved my math.

oh yeah, interview tomorrow if it doesn't get snowed out.
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