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Athene Numphe
28 January 2004 @ 08:22 am
well, that was a nasty drive to work. 91N was ok until after exit 24 and then there was only one lane that was clear. And of course everyone in that lane was going 40. And after a while my car decided to buck but only at 40. ARGH. And there is this really sharp turn to get to work. I totally slipped all over the turn and was worried that i wouldn't get up it. The 3 side roads into the building were all covered in snow. But no slipping or sliding and now that i've been sitting for 30 min the shakes are finally gone.

Of course I'm leaving at noon today b/c I have my UMass interview at 2:30pm. Eep!

Damn it, I just realized that i forgot the DVD that needs to be returned at home. ARGH! I do not want to have to drive around more than nessissary today!
Current Mood: stressedstressed