January 29th, 2004

gaz angry

well then

well, that was that. the interview yesterday didn't go so well. Not b/c I didn't get along w/the profs and gradstudents that i met, but b/c the profs basically flat out told me that i don't have enough latin to get in/do well in the program. they're probably right. it was a long shot/last minute idea anyway. but i tried. or something. I still plan on kicking the GREs in the nuts!

Ran into Safire afterwards. We ended up hanging out and causing chaos in the mall for a while which was good for my mental health. I think we scared the nice people at KB Toys and at the resturant where we ate.

Was listening to The Dresden Dolls on random repeat all morning...
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wear a mask, elhoffer

a bit better

Aerith and I drove down to the testing center after work. Now I know where it is and how long it takes to get there. Yay! I would have been totally freaked by myself on Saturday morning, but now i have confidence.

Also, I took a practice GRE from the official GRE people and got a 610 verbal, 640 math. that's much better. me happy!

1 day left to study. hope brain does not explode!
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