February 24th, 2004



Had a great weekend.

Friday lordaerith and I watched Speed. He had never seen it. We teased that Keanu went to the loud/soft school of acting.

Saturday pyramus and starrfade showed up in the early afternoon with a Nintendo Game Cube. We proceeded to spend the afternoon hanging out and playing all sorts of video games on the Game Cube and the PS2. I got my ass-kicked in Monkey Ball. Or did I win the Billiards game against Starrfade?? I remember I got a really lucky shot that sank the 9 ball to end one. I did kick-ass in Bust-A-Move.

At some point bellebet and rogueactor showed up. Then the Frenchman came by. BB, the Frenchman, and I went out to the store for soda, snacks, and liquor where we ran into kiten and her fiance, so we invited them back to the house. Then the Frenchman and I proceed to have a very silly conversation over cell phones with queencimmy and Pirate Wench. :)

We got home and Pyramus and Starrfade had to go. Then kiten and fiance showed up and we watched Moulin Rouge. Mmm...so pretty!!!!

After the movie, Kiten and her fiance left and the rest of us hung out until we started crashing. :) BB and RA stayed the night in our guest room :)

Sunday morning/noonish, the 4 of us met up with wabres, safirerings, persival, and wabres's brother and we went out to brunch/lunch. Then Aerith and I headed home and just chilled.

That night we watched Junkyard Mega-Wars at the Movies. Jim Henson's Creature Shop vs. Industrial Light and Magic vs. KNB FX. It was really really cool!!!

Yesterday I had a small scare when I thought I lost Bob (my owl pendant), but he was just hiding under the couch couchans. But in good news, the Ren bridal magazines came!!!

Today I'm wearing my Mardi Gras beads to work, listening to WWOZ and occasionally checking in with the NOLA.com Parade Cam.
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