February 27th, 2004

wear a mask, elhoffer


It's so strange. My life goes from periods of quiet to periods of extreme busy.

Yesterday was Trek...mmm...Warf's mate is so hot. We were all drooling (well I was). After Trek people hung out for a bit. starrfade and I had a good conversation about body image and the like. Then we all were telling cat stories. *sigh* I really really really want kitties!!!

Tonight is the Vamp LARP at UMass (which I'm really really going to go to this time). Anyone want to come with? jagienka, walkingundine, kjpepper???

Tomorrow afternoon I'm hanging out with verbena76. That evening is kiten's. Then possibly RHPS w/starrfade.

Sunday is lunch w/the Frenchman and then a dinner date with my fiance.

And, in other news: USA Today's Gay Marriage Survey
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