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Athene Numphe
02 March 2004 @ 09:23 pm
So, now that I finally got my One-Card, I went to the new gym at Smith. OMG! It's amazing. Almost all of the machines have their own little tv with cable. And I'm such a dork. I ended up watching a program on the History Channel about the rise and fall of Sparta. I only did 18 minutes (15 regular and a 3 minute cooldown). I need to figure out how to make the ellipticals do what I want them to do. But it was a nice machine and I feel so good. I'm glad I'm getting back to the gym.

Came home and Aerith was starting dinner...buffalo meat in boulunaise sauce over pasta. yummy yummy. and there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Just made my first payment on my Sears card. I feel like such a grownup.

And now, an evil quizCollapse )
Current Mood: proud
Current Music: David Bowie on Aerith's comp