April 26th, 2004


The weekend

Had a really good weekend.

Friday night lordaerith and I really wanted to play "Sin City" at UMass, but when we layed down for a quick cuddle we ended up falling asleep until almost 9pm. oops. but we needed the sleep so it was good.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to work. When I got to work I found out that I had left my passcard and my cellphone at home. So i paniced for a little bit, thought about going home and just forgetting about making up the time, then thought rationally, drove down the Dunken Donuts and called my supervisor so she could let me into the building. It meant leaving work a little later than i wanted to, but at least i get paid for a full week of work.

Headed home and made plans for the picnic. then Aerith and I visited the Warfield House and booked it for our wedding. Found out that it's only 36 or so miles from our house (got to love 2 trip odomitors). After booking the Warfield House, we met up with wabres, starlighte, persival, safirerings, and stickum and had a bbq. Highlights included yummy food, chilling by the river and watching percival do a bear impression and then loosing his balance and falling in the water, defending Safire from being thrown in the river, and playing Scrabble until the wind decided that "femme" was not a word and blew the pieces off the board.

That night I did my drawings with moonlight.

Sunday Aerith and I headed out early to pick up his mother and then go to the King Aurther Faire at Hammond Castle. It took us under 3 hours to get there and that includes stopping in Lowell to drop off a bicycle and get his mother.

The faire was really small, but very cute. Ran into sophaeia who was selling goodies. Tried on a purple underbust boddice and a purple hat from Potted Fox Studios. I think there's a picture of it somewhere. Also saw a choker from Victorian Charm which was almost the same light blue as my dress will be. I didn't want to buy it though incase it wasn't an exact match. We also go to walk around the castle, which is this really intesting blend of a castle and a victorian/early 1900's house. Aerith and I waited in a really long line for lunch, but it was worth it for the yummy turkey legs and ribs which we ate sitting by the sea while a minstral played sweet songs on his small harp. We met back up with his mother and wandered around a bit more. Right before we left we checked out the Silvermane booth and ended up buying this wallhanging in a dark blue. We were looking for something to go on the wall above the bed and it's just so perfect.

Then we drove back to drop of his mother and swung by his sister's. She had just gotten back from a trip in which she visited Northern Sun's actual store. She brought back a PowerPunk Girls tank top (edit: for me) and an American Goth tee-shirt for Aerith. So totally cool!!!!

Then we drove home and crashed.
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Trading Spaces

Last night Aerith and I watched the last "Trading Spaces Home Free" show. It was a live show w/recaps of the compition and at the end the winners were reveiled. the finalist were the light blue team and the yellow team. Having watched almost every episode of the show, I have to say that these were my two favorite teams. It was hard to choose, but I chose the light blue team because of the way they worked together and their amazing creativity. It seems that most of the people who watched liked them too b/c they won with 70% of the vote.

The amount they won by really shocked me. I thought it would be a lot closer. Aerith pointed out that the Light Blue team always won their round by a large percent and the Yellow team always had a smaller margin. While this is true, I can't help wondering if part of it had to do with looks. The Light Blue team is a young couple (they've only had their house 14 months). They look very All-American and are a good model of a little family (they have a 9 month old baby). Granted they are awesomely cool, doing model building (of dinosaurs and things) and stage makeup. The Yellow team is from Puerto Rico. They are older, in fact they have 4 kids and two grandkids (they are younger than my parents though). They've owned their house for 8 years. They were so wonderful to watch though. Full of life, just having fun, really cool. It makes me wonder why the Light Blue team won by so much. Did people vote by looks as well as by style? Is "america" still so biased? If so, was the compition fair? Or did the Light Blue team just outshine the Yellow team? They were a lot cooler about handeling the challenges that were thrown their way. But still, I can't help but wonder if race was the real reason for the win.

and, on a ligher note, I just got carded for buying Lotto tickets. yes, safirerings, you're free to laugh now.
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