May 11th, 2004


To New York and Back Again

Well, I'm back. Actually, I got back an hour ago and have been printing faxes (with a quick break to get lunch). 60 faxes came in from 3:30 yesterday until 11:30 this morning. Wow.

I made it from Greenfield to Sarah Lawrence in 3 hours. I made it back from Sarah Lawrence to Greenfield in 2.5 hours. The whole trip was 334 miles and took just over half a tank of gas.

The standup was really good. I'm so glad I went. Cimmy was wonderful. She really had us laughing. Even me. About me. It's good to laugh about one's self. There were a few really really good people, I don't remember who, it's kind of a blur, but most of them were in the second half (including Cimmy).

When we got out of the show, it was lighting that kind of lighting that just lights up the sky. But there was almost no rain. I was thinking about driving back then, but not with that kind of lighting going around. and i was tired. So I crashed in Cimmy's room, got up around 7:30/8ish, bothered my sister for a bit (she was trying to sleep), ate food and drove home.

The drive was really nice. The sky was blue and the weather was warm enough to have the windows down slightly. And once I got on 91 I just had the cruise control on almost the whole way. With the exception of being tired, getting a slight cramp from sitting for so long, and having to go to work, I could have driven on the highway all day.

Now, back to faxes.
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