May 12th, 2004



I just got my tickets to see Troy at cinemark for the 7:30pm showing on Friday. I'm so excited!!!

Last Saturday I saw Trojan Women at UMass with the Frenchman. It was a pretty decent production. They were using Jean-Paul Sartre's translation and I liked it. Well, except for calling the Greeks Europeans and the Trojans Asians b/c that brings in all sorts of modern connotations which i'm not sure were there then...but they were doing more modern clothing so I guess it's ok. The chorus was split up really well too. And they included a little bit of singing the lines, which I just loved b/c the chorus would have been sung. It just amazes me how relevant the play is even after almost 2.5 thousand years. The acting was pretty good too. except that they all kept sticking their neck out too far and hitting their chest when they said "I" but that's the director. oh, and Posiden's mike was too high, but it was a cool "i am a god" reverberation effect. and he started on this box that was raised up which I liked b/c the gods used to come down from up on high which is how we get deus ex machina. ok, i'm gonna stop rambling now.

oh, and everyone should check out song_of_troy right now b/c the goddesses are fighting over the apple and it's way too funny. and if anyone wants to join, we still have lots of characters left.
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