June 11th, 2004


stuff i want to remember for some silly reason :)

Last friday safirerings, stickum, lordaerith, and I saw Harry Potter PoA. Was ok. Was a good suppliment to the book, but i felt it lacked a lot of explination on it's own.

saturday was wabres and aerith's game. it was fun. i am was a female human cleric who has now been resurected (500 years later) into the body of a male elven ranger. i went from never playing an elf or a ranger to having two characters. well, i'll have to work hard to develop them differently.

sunday was Crusaders where we got our superpowers and came into contact with giant human sized cockroachs. I screams and shadown walked/jumped far away and started shaking and crying. that's the problem w/playing yourself as a superhero, your fears are your own fears. i was actually so shaken after the game that i couldn't drive home. but we got home in time to watch most of the Tony's. Yay for Avenue Q! And Hugh Jackman in tight gold pants...oh yeah!

tuesday we went to the mall to get Aerith new bathing suits...and i ended up w/a new bra (no padding and no underwire) and 3 pairs of panties from Vickies. oops, how'd that happen?

wed it was really nice and hot and we got to go swimming. yay. also, i parked in a different row in the parking lot than i normally do so i couldn't find the car and had a moment of panic, but then i found it. oh, and i grilled all by myself. i burn the chicken skin a little bit, but i did it. rawwr! Fear my awesome comand of a very small, controlled fire.

yesterday i finished the Four Lords of the Diamond series. fun, easy to read sci-fi/fantasy. quite enjoyable. i think the author is a repressed dom. then was firefly. much enjoyment w/Jaynestown and Out of Gas. "Keep walking Preacherman"
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