June 30th, 2004


dahlink, ve must get the moose and skwerril

So, as I am taking a break from work, I've decided to talk about the kittens.

They are monsters.  total monsters.  but they are adorable at that.

we took them to the vet last friday.  they both checked out healthy.  well, they have worms, but all kittens have worms and the dr had already given them the first dose of de-worming medicine before we even got the results.  they also got some of their first shots and some flea stuff and all sorts of good kiten things.  the vet has this kiten plan which is really nice.  4 visits 3 weeks apart.  4 equal payments and it covers everything.  I like the vet and it being right across the street doesn't hurt.

Now that we've had them for 2 weeks, we are starting to see more of their personalities emerge.  Boris is more of the jumper/climber while Natasha is the explorer.  While Boris has this window sill he loves to sit on (which i've never seen Tash on), Natasha is always the first to try to get into a room.  Boris loves feet and shoes.  Natasha just likes to get in the way :)  Boris loves to be scratched in between his front legs.  Natasha is more aloof, but she does like to cuddle.  They both purr when getting attention.

Stories (in no order): The other day I was sitting and reading and the two of them are tearing around the house.  Boris jumps onto the couch, next to my feet, gives them two licks and then bounds after Tashie.  It was really cute.  Another time I was reading on the couch Tashie lay down next to my leg and fell asleep.  I didn't want to get up lest i disturb her.  And they really love to play with each other.  Except that Natasha got this toy from the vet (just twisted up pipe cleaners) and that is her toy.  She growls low when Boris tries to get at it.  I think that he tends to aquiess to her a lot.  Oh, another bit of cuteness was when we were playing with the laser pointer.  I got them both up on the top of the cat structure which comes almost up to the ceiling and was running the laser pointer back and forth on the ceiling.  Their heads would follow it forward and then when I brought it over them, they would lean all the way backwards. 

The other night we let them in the bedroom at night to see how they would behave.  They were good at first, but then started playing "pounce on the 'mice' in the bed" game so Aerith removed them from the room.  However, not before one of them nibbled on the corner of Kushiel's Chosen, which i'm borrowing from kjpepper.  But she's not upset about it...I placated her with flirting a bbq yesterday.

I hope to get more pics of them (and maybe even a real website) up soon.  as for now, my break is over.

(note this was written at 10am, but lj has been in read-only mode for my journal since then so it just got posted now)
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last weekend was good.  friday night/saturday morning was hanging out with my boys :)

saturday was Crusaders Game.  Went well, even with the mistakes we were making.  At one point we were walking back from getting food and safirerings and I got cat called even though we were walking w/5-6 boys.  maybe they were congradulating us or something *shrug*

sunday was just hanging around the house and playing w/the monsters.

monday George showed up, Aerith kept dropping things and I broke a pickle jar next to my car.  pickle juice + hot pavement = very stinky.  but it all got better after dinner.

yesterday we had kjpepper and sundart over for a bbq.  they are good people.  i need to see them more often.  yes i do!  I did ok bbqing, but we ran out of charcol and the turkey burgers wouldn't stay together and we didn't cook the veggies long enough...but everyone had fun and was full by the end.

today is swimming when i get home from work (if it's nice enough out, i hope it is)

tomorrow we will watch the last 2 eps of Firefly.  then back to trek.

friday evening is the start of VACATION!

saturday is the faire.
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