July 1st, 2004


Rain, rain went away

or why my fiance is the most wonderful man alive.

I get out of work and it's beautiful and sunny out. I start driving down the highway and see a few flashes of lighting. Then the sky gets slightly darker and I see this HUGE bolt of lighting across the sky. it was beautiful. I start to get excited that I am driving towards rain. Then it hits. A few drops followed by a downpour and "Come Together" on the radio. I don't even get the windows up in time. It's raining so hard I can barely see. It reminds me of new orleans so much. however, as i get closer to exit 21 the rain lightens up and by the time i'm at the lights before my road, the rain has all but stopped and "Come Together" is over. I'm absolutly devistated. Every time I see the lighting mocking me from where I just was I almost start crying in my car. I really wanted to play in the rain. I love playing in summer rain.

I get home and Aerith calls out a greeting. I respond and he can tell by my voice that something's wrong. He asks me what. I tell him that he doesn't want to hear it because he'll think it's stupid. But then while hugging him I tell him how much I wanted to play in the rain and how it's not fair that it went away. He holds me and says that he understands and he was going to walk home from work in it without an umbrella, but it was actually nasty, cold, hard rain and he had to use an umbrella and even still his shoes got all squelchy in a not good way. Then he promises me that there will be better rain next week when we are on vacation if the weather people have any idea at all as to what's going on. This and chocolate cheer me up and make it all better.

Next week there will be dancing in the rain. Why? b/c my fiance says so, that's why.
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