July 4th, 2004

wear a mask, elhoffer


You are TK-666 (also known as Larry 'The Machine'
Jenkins) stationed to the first Death Star!

You are all about serving the Empire and will do
anything to bring it's enemies to justice. You
like being indoors and love the thrill of
chasing people into trash compactors. Your
destiny entails being blown to hell with the
explosion of the first Death Star. Maybe you
should have just taken that job at Toshi

Which Stormtrooper Are You?
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a great start to vacation

yesterday was awesome!

lordaerith and I got up early and got ready for the faire. it being hot out we decided not to go for full stuff, so i wore a corsety looking dress w/a black underskirt and the necklace that laynamarya gave me and Aerith just wore part of his ren outfit. Then deravyn and ~l showed up on our doorstep so we all got in ~l's car and after stopping for coffee, headed out to the faire. As we were lathering on sunscreen, kiten, Dr. J, liszard, strumpetone, her friend whose name escapes me, Lianda, obliette, and zale_art_photo showed up.

We all tromped up to the faire grounds and wandered around for a bit. it was nice, a bit small, but cute. the biggest problem was that it was almost all out in the open w/very little shade. i felt sorry for the people working the faire b/c they must have been sweltering.

Talking about people working the faire, one of them was Alena, which was funny b/c i was thinking about her the other day after the bbq w/kleo and sundart. It was cool to see her again. I found out that she'll be working the Conn. Ren Faire in October. And i got to see her new(well, new to me) b/f during the first joust.

The faire was fun overall. Everytime they said "God save the Queen" I thought of Eddie Izzard's bit about "God hurt the Queen". Somewhat later in the day reverendtom and ionia_dreaming showed up as well as autumnlaughing.

Wedding wise, I didn't see much that I liked, but I think that Aerith got a good idea about the cut for the groomsmen's vests and we found someone who makes these really soft rayon/silk shirts for guys.

We left around 2ish and after stopping quickly at deravyn and ~l's we came back here and went swimming. We were soon joined by kiten, dr. j, lisard, and strumpet. we swam for a while and then my foot really cramped up and everyone was pretty much done with the water.

so after showering and people running off to get food, deravyn and aerith bbq'd while everyone sat out on blankets on the grass and chatted and relaxed and ate. was loads of fun.

Then everyone left, aerith and i cleaned up and watched an episode of Blackadder Goes Fourth. Then we walked over to struppet's for a party. lots of people were there and it was a really cosey atmosphere. I shared something about me that i don't normally tell people and no one even cared. Also, Zale and this photographer-girl who was there both told me i could be a foot model. yay. actually the both said they'd like to photograph me in general. wheeee. :)

Aerith and I only stayed there for about an hour or so then dragged adan_ and Lianda back to our place for a little to meet the monsters.

this morning aerith and i got up late, contrary to the wishes of the cats. and went out to the store. then he played GTA3 while Boris and I took a nap on the couch. it was extra cute.

now i'm waiting for the frenchman to show up and in a bit we're all going over to deravyn and ~l's.

vacation has really started off wonderfully!
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