July 6th, 2004


movie day and laundry day

yesterday was movie day. aerith, the frenchman and i watched the last bits of firefly and ALL the dvd extras (including Jayne singing the Hero of Canton). after the frenchman left aerith and i just hung around. we ended up watching Just Married (which was awful!) and Fame b/c they were both on HBO on Demand. yay for free movies.

today has been laundry day. we've gotten pretty much all the laundrey (including sheets and towels) done or almost done (ie, in the washer right now).

also, we got the flea stuff on the monsters b/c i was feeling bites on them when i was petting them. the only thing is that it means seperating them for 3 hours while the stuff dries. unfortunatly natasha, b/c she's been urinating in the corner and not the litterbox, got the dishonor of being the one stuck in the bathroom. she has water, toys and a litter box, but the poor thing is NOT happy. every once in a while she starts mewing. it's sooo heartbreaking. espcially when boris is on the other side of the door mewing back at her.

So to recap:
opperation laundry - almost done
opperation de-flea kitties - almost done (edit - done)
opperation kitty-proof study - done enough that i know have a boris on my foot
opperation clean kitchen - almost done (edit - done)
opperation reheat chinese food - to be done soon
opperation watch Angels in America on Demand - to be done soon
opperation figure out Haven outfit - done
opperation Haven - to be done later tonight

(yup, was watching Toys earlier today while doing laundry)
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