July 12th, 2004


*contented sigh*

What a good vacation.

to pick up where I left off, went to Haven on Tuesday night. I got to wear my powerpunk girls tee-shirt. Got lots of compliments on it. :)

*pauses to watch boris attempt at climbing up the small cat structure in the study* hehehe. too cute!

wednesday Aerith and I went to Six Flags. It was busy, but everyone was in the waterpark so the rides had very few lines. it was awesome. we went on tons of rides and cuddled and such. had a little bit of a bumpy end b/c I did something stupid. then we went to the brewery for food. afterwards we paid a visit to spacecrime, then to 1ove at her place of employment, and finally got some ice cream at herralds.

thursday aerith went to eastern mass to visit his mother and i went dress shopping with kiten. was lots of fun, but made me glad that i've already ordered my dress. then we went out to lunch with her mother and then to see her (most likely to be) new house. it's very cute. after resting for a while the frenchman picked me up to help him go alchomahal for his party. then back home where I finished Kushiel's Chosen and people came over for Trek. Aerith returned with starrfade in tow. yay for seeing starrfade before she goes across the ocean to the land of cold and snow.

friay aerith, starrfade and I went to six flags b/c we had a "get a friend in for $10 coupon" was really nice once again. yay for the superman. yay for the FRONT of the superman! then we went home and starrfade and i cuddled and talked for a while. weird al is not good mood music *G*

then was dinner, baking cookies, and getting ready for the party. i had a really good time at the Frenchman's party. i looked hott! so did aerith and well, everyone. some of the highlights included an over-the-top goth chick who could swallow double sided razor blades, people playing with fire (oh I wished I had my camera w/it's long exposure with me), dancing, pole dancing, meeting a fellow classics geek, tiny dancer thinking that i was kissing hendotron when it was really the frenchman, and getting to really talk with some people i haven't gotten a chance to talk to before.

saturday we got up extra late and hung out for a while. eventually i had to drive starrfade into noho. then aerith and i hung around some more. we ended up going to osaka for dinner. mmm...so good. i felt sad for the hibatchi guy though b/c he broke an egg across his back when he was doing egg tricks and then he got all serious and just cooked the food.

sunday we finished watching Angels in America on Demand. So so good. weird, but good. then it was game, which went really well. we all leveled. and pyramus and starrfade stopped by quickly on their way back to eastern mass/maine. d'oh! we forgot to play the "Girl Anachranism" video we found on Comcast on Demand.

today was back to work. not as bad as I worried it would be. still, there's a lot of catching up i have to do.
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happy wedding things

First on friday night I asked DJ Addam to dj the wedding and he said that he would and that he likes dj'ing non-normal weddings :) yay yay yay yay yay yay

second, I e-mailed Yosa to ask for a fabric sample to take to faires and stuff with me and she responded saying that my corset got put in the mail today! ahhhh! it's coming. the top of my WEDDING dress is on it's way to me. *bounce bounce bounce bounce*
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