July 21st, 2004

evil princess sara


I can tell that today is going to be a "struggle to get any work done" sort of day.  I have at least 2 projects that need working on, but somehow I just can't modivate myself to start either one yet.  bleh.

in other news, the kitties had their second vet visit last friday.  the vet says they are doing well and that boris actually weighs more than Natasha.  weird since she looks bigger.  after the next visit it will be time to schedual the spay/neutering. 

Both kitties seem to have adjusted well to us and our house.  yesterday natasha streached out across my stomach for some petting.  it was very cute.  she sure loves her little twisted up pipe cleaners.  we can almost play fetch (as much as any cat will play fetch).  and boris has found a way onto every single windowsill he can get to.  he even tried to walk from the bathroom window onto the towel rack on our shower door this morning.  It didn't work though as the towel rack is way too narrow.

and there are more pictures of the monsters added here: http://home.comcast.net/~king_leary/bnn/
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guy or girl?

So, the lovely athanata is wondering if one of the people on this week's issue of Time is a guy or a girl. You can take a look at the cover from a link in her journal and then take her poll here
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