July 25th, 2004

dark lili

fetch Tashie

Natasha plays fetch. yes she does. we got these twisted up pipe cleaners from the vet and tasha just loves them. she'll pick on up and carry it around her mouth. she'll even growl if boris comes near her when she has one. often times she'll take one and walk over to where lordaerith or I are sitting and half drop it next to us. if we pick it up and throw it, she'll bound after it, and then bring it back. usually we can get her to do this at least 3-4 times (often times more) before she either doesn't notice where it is, doesn't feel like bringing it back, or boris gets in the way. overall, it's pretty cute.

boris on the otherhand is a tightrope walker. he will go from the bathroom sink to the towel rack that's on the wall and then try to walk across the very very narrow towel rack that's on the glass shower door. He's actually succeded twice. However, both times he gets to the end of it he can't turn around or jump anywhere, so he ends up falling. it's pretty cute to watch though.
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