July 26th, 2004


sooo pretty!

So i went to look at the drawing of my dress on Yosa's site today and there is actually a picture of the fully made dress.  it's so pretty.  of course mine will look different since it is in this fabric with white chiffon sleeves and a white underskirt.  but still, it's nice to see the dress fully made and still be in love with it.  i think i made an excellent choice for me!
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George, george go away!

Yesterday I had a really nice afternoon/evening yesterday watching Romy and Michelle's High School Renuion on tv (which sucked so much) while doing laundry, swimming, bbqing, and watching The Italian Job sylvanstargazer and emilys677.  Then I ended up going to bed feeling ever so icky.  yup, george is visiting.  at least Aerith's presence in bed made me feel a little better.  but now i'm back to tiredness and ickyness and everything.  bleh!

not that any of you needed to know that, but i felt like sharing.
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