August 6th, 2004

gaz angry

oh natahsa!

Yesterday I took the kitties to the vet for more shots and stuff.  They were pretty good.  Boris weighs 5.10 lbs, which is one pound more than Natasha.  He was the jumpy one for a change.  The both have fleas, but they're not very active yet.  Still, it means giving them flea treatment tonight. 

natasha's going to be the one to go into the bathroom for 3 hours again, even though it's boris's turn.  why? you ask.  because this morning she got poo stuck on the fur around her butt and was trying to scratch it off on the rug.  luckly we caught it really quickly.  then we had to spend time holding her down while we cleaned it off of her fur.  next time I'm just cutting the fur that it's stuck too.  poor thing she was wriggling and mewing.  well, it's good practice for when we have kids.

And they both have an appointment to get fixed on 9/01.
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weekend plans

So, the plans for the weekend are as follows:
tonight: go see Raiders of the Lost Ark at cinemark at midnight.  kjpepper and sundart, when do y'all want to get picked up and head over there?

tomorrow:  relax around the house.  don't do anything other than house stuff (except maybe go to six flags)

sunday: go see the closing of the last show at New Century Theatre this summer.  This is very important as I haven't see any theater at all this summer.  Help out with strike b/c it's fun and they feed us.

and try to see the frenchman at somepoint b/c i misses him lots!
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