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Athene Numphe
17 August 2004 @ 01:09 pm
lordaerith and I spent lots and lots of time at the Taste of NoHo last weekend.

Friday night we ran into purplegryphon and rhiannondance there.  Then we saw kjpepper, sundart, and beatgoddess.  all of a sudden mere and her posse appeared.  We ended up commendering a whole table.  Had a really good conversation with ms. pepper and rhipowered.  Also saw kiten and liszard briefly, as well as a bunch of other people i'm sure i'm forgetting.  We saw Jean-Michel Paré perform.  he wasn't that good.

For food that night, I had Beef Dumplings With Sauce from Lhasa Café, half a slize of Pizza from NiNi's, and Rocky Road Fudge from Schakolad.  Aerith had the Homemade Argentinean Sausage Sandwich from Caminito, the other half of the slice of pizza, Gorgonzola Garlic Bread (which I stole some of) from Eastside Grill, and this chocolate brownie with chocolate and raspberry sauce from Schakolad.

Saturday we ran into liszard again.  Then we saw Master Lee perform.  he was really funny.    Eventually Aerith's mother, eldest sister, and her daugher showed up.  The little one was sick so it made being at the taste hard b/c she was not a happy 2-year old. I ran into kjpepper and sydneycat.  ms. pepper and cat and I got into a long conversation about weddings and stuff w/prof. houser :).

We had Sweet Potato Fries from CK's Café (which delivers!), Quesadillas from La Veracruzana, a taste of something that they did a cooking demo for, Baby Back Ribs from Mr. Cecil's California Ribs, and Herrell's Ice Cream.  we also got more fugde and his mom got one of those chocolate raspberry things.

We also took advantage of "no sales tax" day by buying the first and third books of the Kushiel's Legacy series and "Handfastings and Weddings: Inviting Hera's Blessing" - i've just skimmed it so far, but it already looks like an absolutly wonderful ceremony resource!

Sunday we waited for Aerith's other sister, her son, and her new man to show up and then we headed out to the taste again.  Once again we saw liszard.  Nate really likes the Chicken Sate and the Pad Thai Noodles from  Thai Garden.  He almost wouldn't have anything else.  but what can you do w/a pre-teen :). 

I ate Chicken Tikki Masala with rice from India Palace, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad from Vermont Country Deli and Café, caramel corn from the Popcorn Palace. chocolate covered strawberries from Sweeties, and I'm sure there was other stuff.  I remember that Aerith had the Blackened Filet Tips served over rice with gorgonzola beuree blanc from Montana's Steakhouse and more gorgonzola garlic bread.

Over all I would say that I ate really well and had a lot of fun trying some new things.  I really want to go eat at India Palace now.  And at Mr. Cecils.  Man were those ribs good!

We were pretty wipped after all that family, friends, and food, but yet we still managed to play some Puzzle Pirates on sunday night!
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Athene Numphe
17 August 2004 @ 01:34 pm
The Frenchman is currently riding cross-country on his bike and needs places to crash.  Right now he is looking for people in Iowa, Minnesota, South/North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Eastern Idaho but i'm sure he could use other places across the USA too.  He is a really sweet and wonderful guy.  If you are willing to let him crash with you or know someone who will, please contact him.