September 1st, 2004

wear a mask, elhoffer

My poor babies!

Took Boris and Natasha to the vet today to get fixed.  Oh the poor dears.  they were going crazy this morning they were so hungry.  But they went into the cat carrier without a fight at all.  it was so hard to leave them at the vet.  I'm worried about them.  But i'm sure they'll be fine.

in other news, happy b-day verbena76!

Trek tomorrow is happening (even though verbena wil be out of town).  We will watch a movie so bring movies so we can spend 40 minutes arguing over them.  And please come early (before 7).  Also, there will be punch and pie.  you know you want punch and pie (hey, it worked in South Park).

and finally, i have a few g-mail invites.  if you want one leave a comment with your e-mail address.
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kitty update

kitties are back from the vet. they behaved very well with no problems. They were both hungry and tired when they got home (aerith brought them home from the vet. i got home as they were eating). Natasha has a shaved belly and stiches. She has to go back next week to get the stiches taken out.

The whole thing doesn't seem to be bothering Boris now that he's slept off the anisthetic. But poor natasha. she keeps trying to lick at her stiches (the vet said this is normal) and once in a while she will start shaking (again, normal; a reaction to the stuff they gave her). She mews if you try to (gently) pick her up. And now Boris is active and doesn't really understand why she won't play.

I was in the kitchen making pudding and I hear this meowing coming from the living room. I come out and Boris is practically on top of Natasha and it looks like he's trying to hump her or something. Someone should remind him that it doesn't work anymore. Anyway, I pull them apart and he keeps bothering her. So we bring her into the bathroom with a bit more food and some water. I think she'll have to be in there all night b/c he needs to leave her alone so she can heal.

Aerith just came in and said they were scratching at the door from opposite sides. Sorry monsters. It hurts but it's for your own good.

In other news, the vet said that Boris is big enough to be taken off of the kitten food and be given cat food. so much for being the smallest of his litter.
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