September 7th, 2004


labor day weekend

*sigh* good weekend.

Aerith and I spent a large chunk of it doing absolutely nothing.  it was great.  just the relaxation that we needed.  we hung out, played with the kitties, read, and watched bad movies, bad tv, and the entire "zoey bartlet gets kidnapped" storyline of the West Wing

of course the next weekend we can spend like this won't be until mid october at the earliest.  why you ask?  let me tell you:

sept 10-12th: going to NY to visit queencimmy and hopefully go to the NY Ren Faire (we would love it if others could make it, but you'd have to camp or get a hotel room nearby or something)
sept 18th: Pirate Faire in Salem Mass/ Sept 19th: Bridal Show at Look Park

sept 25: game? if not this may be a weekend of rest.  it's also the weekend before my 25th birthday (sept 28th)

oct 2 or oct 9: CT Ren Faire (see poll below)

oct 16th: lordaerith's birthday

I'm sure there's more that i'm missing.  it's probably all wedding related. :)

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Oct 2
Oct 9
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