September 8th, 2004


the night the phone never stopped ringing

The phone was just going crazy last night!  It started off with me calling 5 photographers to set up interviews (yay, wedding progress).  I left messages w/3 of them and the other 2 called me back.  One almost imediatly and one not 2 minutes after I hung up the phone with the first one.  The result:  2 interviews next week.  yay!

after aerith and i started dinner, i called my bridesmaids to talk to them about their outfits (having gotten a quote from Starr over the weekend).  got hold of safirerings and queencimmy to let them know.  Dinner was pretty quiet.  Then around 8pm kiten called me back and so we talked for a bit.  then the Frenchman called from Portland, OR.  it was sooo good to hear his voice!  then I called the Mad Russian quickly.  then msfrizz just to say hi.  and finally, right before i was going to get ready for bed, queencimmy called back to talk.  I don't think my phone's rung so much in that short a time in ages.

oh, and before I forget, since Aerith and I have lots of stuff to do to get ready to go to NY this weekend, there will be no trek tomorrow night.  it will resume again next week.
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