October 18th, 2004


fuckin' hell!

What a wonderful fucking way to start the day.

Got an e-mail in my inbox saying that all my log-in stuff will expire at the end of the month.  Then about an hour and a half later my super comes up to me and confirms that my assignment is over in two weeks.  I SO did not need this.  I was really hoping that this assignment would last until at least christmas time. 

Well, it's fitting i guess.  i started this assignment on the first day of my period in January and I find out that it's over in two weeks on the first day of my period in October.

Thus i have spent some of my morning looking for/applying for jobs.

This whole thing just sucks!!!  I have a college degree.  why can't i find a perminant job?????
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dark lili

me again

being that 1) i have less modivation than usual to get things done and 2) i don't care, i'm updating again.

I had 2 really good days sandwiched between two really sucky days.

Teh suck:
Friday:  Too much cleaning to do for party = not being able to make it to game.  Well, at least we got the place very clean and got posters up in the study (finally).  Also got to hang with the kiten even if the dust made her sneeze and pyramus showed up for the weekend.

Today:  See today's eariler post.

The good:
Saturday: Went to Six Flags with pyramus, lordaerith and aerith's sister and  11-year old nephew.  His nephew was scared to go on rollercosters.  So we let the three who are crazy and like the upside down rides go off on our own and he and i hung out.  I got him on the swings that raise in the air and go around.  he liked those.  So then we went down and checked out the Poison Ivy ride.  I played it down a bit for him.  So he agreed to go on it and I agreed that if he didn't like it, no one would preasure him onto another coster all day.  We get right on the ride (it was cool enough that there were almost no lines for anything).  I put my arm around him and then the ride starts.  It's a little bit more intense than I expect it to be and definatly more shakey.  I'm worried that he hates it.  However, when the ride is over, the only thing that he wants to do is to go on it again :)  So we do.  This time we sit near the front and i even get him to put his arms up once or twice.  He wants to go again, but i sugest we try something else.  We get a quick snack and do the swings again.  This time he sits on the outside swing and takes his hands off of the bars and everything.  So then we check out the Thunderbolt.  I tell him that it's not much worse than the Poision Ivy and I know that he can do it.  So we get in line.  There's this kid in front of us who keep talking and talking.  Anyway, we finally get onto the ride.  He says that he's scared and I explain that that's part of the thrill of the coster.  During the Thunderbolt I look at him and every time we hit a downhill part his head is tucked into his arm.  I'm sure by the end that it was too much.  But the first words out of his mouth was "that was awesome. I want to take my mom on it."  hehehe.  I win!  We go meet up with the others at the meet-up spot and get food.  Then he, his mother, and I do the teacups and get nice and dizzy.  Then we go to the other end of the park and he and I do the scrabler (which he now thinks is a wimpy ride).  Then his mother and I do the Cyclone.  When we get back to the boys, we go up to him and say, "hey, you wanna know what the Cyclone is like?" then I shake him while his mother punches him in the arm.  Everyone is laughing.  Then pyramus and I wander around for a while and we find an airbrush tattoo place so I get "KITTY" airbrush tattood on my lower back.  I don't think i have enough courage for a real one though.

When we get home, i realize that i need a 233 tip to decorate the cat cake that i made.  So I call up the party store.  They are have it, but are about to close.  As aerith isn't feeling well, we leave him at home and pyramus and i run to the party store for the tip and then head over to the store for booze and food for the party.

When we get back, I decorate the cake while the boys rest (aerith's sis and nephew have left by this point).  PE shows up from eastern mass and we put on Firefly to show it to him (btw, thank you queencimmy, you are the best sis ever!!).  Slowly other people start to trickle in.  It was a really small party, but good.  The cake came out really well as did aerith's butterscotch icecream.  And I got to cuddle with catling42 which was much wonderfulness.  Finally it was just a few of the boys and they started up godspiel's game cube.  I took this as my cue to go upstairs and go to bed (as i was the only one who went to six flags who didn't get to rest after the park).

Sunday:  We get up.  pyramus and PE leave.  Aerith's mother shows up.  We take her to the Warfield House Inn.  The ride is beautiful as the leaves are all turning colors.  It's a beautiful view from the Warfield House Inn.  We eat in the pub part.  The food is good (as always) and I win $1 at Keno (his mother paid for a game for all of us).  Also, Aerith and I got to talk with the owners a bit about our wedding, which is always good.  There's still a lot to be decided.  But we now have a ceremony start time (3 pm) and a reception is over and Andrea will kick us out with cattle prods time (10pm).  Also, we got to see the downstairs room set up almost exactly how we want it, which is cool.  The dance floor is slightly smaller than i would like, but it will do.  Also, I got florist recomendations and the first one on the list is one that someone at work mentioned too.  so that's a good sign.  And i found out that open flame is ok as long is it's not tapers.  Pillar candles, here we come!

Right, time to do something.  bleh.